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Pigmentation spots are a major source of beauty concern: complexion is no longer homogenous, skin lacks radiance and brightness.

The skin’s pigment is called melanin and pigmentation is genetically determined. Various factors may cause this coloring to become uneven and unsightly:


  • UVAs and UVBs (generally from the sun but also artificial UVs)
  • Hormones





Dermaceutic’s Cosmo Peel and Mela Peel reduce the appearance of dark spots and promote a homogenous complexion.
Carried out under medical supervision.




For the appearance of dark spots

For the appearance of pigment spots and uneven skin tone 



Patient Testimonial – Mela Peel Forte
 “I had been struggling for years with pigment spots, uneven skin tone and texture. Thanks to the Mela Peel Forte, the appearance of pigment spots has diminished and my skin texture has been completely transformed.”


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